About me


I was born and raised here in Buenos Aires and that means a lot, I have a special love for my city.

I am a Tourism Guide since I graduated in 2004.


I decided to study after setting up my family, so  could have time to fully dedicate myself to my passion.

No stopping working since then and acquiring knowledge year by year with a lot of seminaries and courses, but the most important is the experience gained with my passengers. They are the reason of my endless learning.


Why choosing me?



I am also a traveller and I know how are the different types of travellers.  for any of them, a private tour guide is the best option when you first visit a place.  Information given personally by a professsional local guide is worthing, at least, the first tour to be private.


I have all the licenses to guide you, also in the interior of those places that allow external guides.


I can be your guide for private walking tours, but this is an option after having a full sightseeing of the city. Here in Buenos Aires, guides are not allowed to drive while guiding, so I always work with authorized drivers who are the owners of the cars or vans. This is important for your safety.


You can be sure to do exaclty what you like, I respect your interests from the very begining.


You will have  a new  friend in Buenos Aires, Argentina.


I am looking forward to meeting you!! Welcome from now!






Puerto Madero
Puerto Madero


Puerto Madero
Puerto Madero